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Does my Computer Need More Memory?

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Are you struggling with frequent shutdowns or slow working of your computer?

If so, a lack of memory is to blame. Find out if upgrading the RAM can solve your problem or not!

Before moving further in the article, answer the following questions:

  • Are you running a Windows 10 laptop /computer or notebook with just 4GB of RAM?
  • Are you gaming while having just 4GB memory?
  • Are you using heavy software like Photoshop or any video editor with only 2GB residing in your system?

If your answer is yes, know that this memory is not enough for your system. The minimum memory requirements of modern systems are 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. By having less than this, you may have to suffer issues like slow performance, frequent halts, system crashes, etc.

It is said that the more memory your system has, the happier it gets. So, by having enough memory, you’ll be able to increase the performance, usability, and computational ability of your system. In fact, a memory upgrade can make your system 3 years newer!

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Below are the signs that show you need a memory upgrade :

  • You’re struggling with the poor performance of your system.
  • Your system is not behaving in the right manner even when performing simple everyday tasks.
  • Programs or software stops responding all of sudden.
  • Your system hangs whenever you open a hefty software.
  • Delayed response while typing and clicking the icons
  • You can’t use more than one application or software at once.
  • Working on spreadsheets seems nearly impossible.
  • You’re receiving “low-memory” warnings very often.
  • Your computer is slow even after updating it.
  • You’re noticing display issues such as problems in loading pages, blank spaces, partially loaded pages.
  • Your system shuts down when you try to open software.

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Why Should You Upgrade Your Memory?

Everything you do on your system heavily depends on the availability of memory. This includes even minor actions like moving a cursor or major takes such as switching between the apps for multitasking.

Moreover, some processes run constantly in the background such as security apps and system updates that use most of the memory on your system.

In simple terms, the more things you’re doing on your system, the more RAM you need. So, if you’re increasing the workload on your computer, you’ll have to upgrade your RAM to make it work smoothly.

To help you understand this concept a bit more, here are the benefits of upgrading the system’s memory :

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1. Prevents System Slowdowns:

The biggest advantage of a memory upgrade is for the multitaskers. By having more memory in your system, you can run more programs at a time, smoothly. Generally, computers result in frequent slowdowns in the lack of memory. Once you upgrade your RAM, this issue gets fully resolved.

2. Increased Program Availability:

Most of the time, some special programs require a significant amount of memory to run properly. Once your memory gets upgraded, you’ll be able to run the programs that you previously couldn’t because of a lack of memory.

3. Fast Browsing Experience:

Once memory has been upgraded, you’ll be able to experience a noticeable change while web browsing. Usually, the browsers load much faster after a RAM upgrade regardless of the internet speed.

Not just the web pages, a memory upgrade also results in opening the flash content in the blink of the eye. This is because your system doesn’t have to use memory from the hard drive when it has RAM readily available.

4. Boost In-Network Capability:

If your system is connected to a network, you can experience a significant boost in its network capabilities. This also includes a system connected to a printer. If you print a lot of stuff, especially the graphics-rich content, a memory upgrade will make it much faster.

5. Better Gaming Capabilities:

If you’re a gamer, a RAM upgrade is a must for you if you don’t want to hinder your gaming experience. Your games will load faster and will run much smoother after a memory upgrade. The graphics and other content in the games will be much cleaner and there will be no lags and latency as well.

So, these were a handful of benefits of upgrading your computer’s memory. Now, talking about the cost, a memory upgrade can cost you anywhere from $80 to $150+ depending upon the requirements of your system. We suggest you upgrade to a minimum of 8GB RAM. That’s about it, we hope it helps!

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