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The Best Paid Antivirus in 2021

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Do you own Windows and like to go online to play games or do some work? If this is the case, then you need one of the best antiviruses on your computer. As much as you can go online and easily download and install a free antivirus on your device, this isn’t a good idea.

Free antivirus products don’t have exceptional features that will offer you 100% protection. The solution is, therefore, to go for paid products.

The good thing about best-paid antivirus products is that they offer features that go beyond basic malware protection. For instance, you can access dedicated defenses against webcam hijacking and ransomware.

You can also get additional features such as cloud backup solutions, identity theft protection, VPNs, and password managers. In this article, we’ll explore the best-paid antivirus products that you can access in 2021.

Top 6 Paid Antivirus Products

Here are the best six paid antivirus products at a glance:

  • Kaspersky
  • Norton
  • Bitdefender
  • Webroot
  • McAfee



  • It prevents hackers from remotely taking over your PC
  • Blocks malware & viruses in real-time
  • Assists your device to run smoothly and fast

Kaspersky is our top-rated antivirus product. The good thing about this product is that you can use it for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. It can cover up to 10 devices. The stand-out feature of the product is that it’s driven by crypto mining infection prevention, has anti-ransomware and highly configurable virus scans.

Kaspersky performs effectively against ransomware and can even kill unknown threats at an instant. It also recovers files that have been affected by an attack.

An essential suit goes for $29.99, which is somehow affordable than other products on the market. You can even go for an advanced suite or premium suite for extra security at an added cost. Added features, in this case, includes a secure browser, an intelligent firewall, and a smart VPN.

Kaspersky Total Security offers a full-fledged password manager, automated dropbox or local backups, and smart parental controls.



  • PC maintenance features
  • Intelligent firewall
  • Bundled backup tool

Norton antivirus has almost everything you could ever look for in an antivirus. This is another antivirus that supports Windows and supports iOS, Mac, and Android. It covers a maximum of 5 devices.

The good thing about Norton is that it offers a variety of quality features, even the cheapest of the options. This includes a smart browser protection measure to keep you secure on the web and a very intelligent firewall to assist with policing your system.

One extra thing that you won’t get in other products is a dedicated backup tool that offers at least 2GB of online storage. There are also PC maintenance utilities. Generally, this product is easy to use.

The only disappointment with Norton is heavy-handed as far as eating up system resources is concerned. However, under normal operation, you won’t notice much of a performance slowdown.

The available packages are affordable, with the cheapest option being the Norton 360 standard that goes for $ $39.99 per annum. You can also purchase other options, including Norton 360 deluxe at $49.99, Norton 360 with LifeLock select at $ 99.48, and Norton 360 LifeLock ultimate plus at $299.88 per year.



  • Password manager
  • Lots of extra features
  • Excellent malware protection

Among the entry-level products, Bitdefender antivirus comes on top. The antivirus has a very good malware detection score.

It offers users value, especially with its password manager, wifi network scanner, protection against encrypting ransomware, a file shredder, and secure browser having a virtual keyboard. You’ll also get a chance to enjoy the product’s new privacy software, which is feature-limited only to pricier antivirus options. The Bitdefender Antivirus plus goes for $19.99 per year and supports a single device.

The Bitdefender Internet security package goes for $32 per year and supports at least three devices. This package adds a two-way firewall, webcam protection, and parental controls.

Finally, the Bitdefender Total Security goes for $36 per year and supports up to 5 devices. It comes with a system optimizer, anti-theft feature for laptops, unlimited VPN, priority tech support, and licenses for both Android and Mac.



  • Identity theft protection
  • Firewall monitor
  • real-time anti-phishing

Webroot is a very secure and lightweight antivirus option. This product supports protection for Mac and Windows systems. It’s known for having a variety of quality features.

When you install this antivirus on your devices, it completes in a matter of seconds and at the same time takes up a small amount of drive space. You’ll have access to a smart ‘firewall’ monitoring system, quick scans, identity theft protection, real-time phishing, and a lot more.

Webroot comes in different packages, with the cheapest option for $19.99 and protecting only one device per year. You can upgrade to the internet security plus antivirus package and get additional features for only $29.99. It’ll protect up to three devices for a year.

Finally, there is internet security complete with antivirus, which introduces an automatic backup feature. It also comes with 25GB of online storage for just $29.99. This package will cover five devices for a year.



  • Spam filter
  • Intelligent firewall
  • VPN

Although McAfee is somehow more expensive than other products on the list, it’s still one of the best products you can ever find. McAfee offers a range of packages, with the main difference being the number of devices supported and additional features.

The basic option is the single device package which covers a single device. This option goes for $34.99 per year and offers several features, including but not limited to an integrated VPN, a quality spam filter, and an intelligent firewall.

If you want to access a package covering more than one device, purchase the individuals & couples options that support up to 5 devices for just $39.99 per year. Then there is a family option that supports parental control features. It’ll cost you $44.99 per year.

Finally, McAfee offers the ultimate package that covers unlimited devices per year. This package goes for $69.99 per year and comes with additional and exciting features.


Although there are many quality free antivirus products that you can select from, going for a paid solution offers additional features at a small cost. For instance, you’ll get anti-malware features, VPN, free storage, and intelligent firewalls.

For effective performance, we recommend that you purchase Kaspersky for its top-notch malware detection engines. However, you have the freedom to select any of the above options as long it meets your needs. We hope that you get a good solution to secure your device.

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