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Is It Cheaper To Build or Buy a Desktop Gaming PC Computer?

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If you are a PC gamer or enthusiast, you are probably wondering if you should buy a prebuilt rig or build your own gaming PC. Well, user’s expectations play a vital role in deciding whether to build a gaming PC or buy one. Prebuilt machines usually come in handy when looking for a cost to performance ratio.

On the other hand, build a gaming machine is an excellent decision for the absolute best performance. Essentially, the choice depends on your budget, preferences, and needs.

As a gamer, you will need a computer that gives value for money. To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore the pros and cons of each option.

Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC?


1. Customization:
Building your own PC means that you get to choose the component to use, including RAM, model, cables, fans, and make. This allows you to select top-notch components that match your aesthetic and performance desires. For example, you can fine-tune the PC design with a flashy case and appealing light.


2. Feeling of Accomplishment:
Using a device that you have designed and built feels really good. The thrill of building a computer that fits time is unmatched. Some users are well versed with mounting the motherboard in the case, placing the CPU on the socket securely, and inserting RAM in the slots.

After the exacting task of fitting and piecing everything together, the PC runs without issues.

3. Relatively Cheaper :
Generally, it is relatively cheaper to build a gaming computer than buying a prebuilt machine. Prebuild PC price factors in the extra cost of assembly and profit margin. However, the price of building a PC varies depending on the demand for specific PC components, which is prone to fluctuations.

For instance, the cryptocurrency mining craze has led to the skyrocketing price of GPU. Fortunately, you can use components such as power supply, storage, and case from your existing PC, cutting costs significantly.



1. Component Damage:

There is an inherent risk of damaging components when building a PC. Even a simple problem such as static electricity can cause massive damage. Companies do not provide a warranty for your component damage occurring during assembly.

2. Time Consuming:

Assembling a PC can be time-consuming, especially if you are learning the skill. Performing tasks like mounting water-cooled rigs and proper cable management can be quite hard and take time to master.

3. Error in Assembly:

The manufacture of more advanced components has brought with it compatibility issues. Using incompatible components can damage your PC. Even with compatible components, there is a risk of assembling the parts improperly. As a result, some parts or all components may fail to work.

Purchase a Prebuild PC


1. Saves Time:

Putting a PC together involves research, clean up, making orders, and unpacking. This whole job takes hours. You might end up spending more time if some components fail to work correctly. Buying a prebuild computer is convenient and easy. The manufacture does the assembly, testing, and even shipping.


2. Less Stress:

The process of building a computer is prone to problems. Trying to figure out the problem can be quite stressful and time-consuming. In addition, you may incur extra costs to purchase additional components. Build a PC is an excellent investment for PC gamers who are not conversant with piecing a computer together.

3. Rest Assured of Warranty:

One of the main advantages of buying a prebuilt gaming machine is a guaranteed warranty. This means that if components or the whole unit fails to work, the manufacturer will do repairs or even give you a replacement. Tech support is always on standby to sort your computer system problem. This contrasts with building a PC on your own, where you have to figure out and deal with any arising.

4. Preinstalled Operating System:

Usually, builders do not include windows and keyboard in their budget list. A prebuild PC comes with pre-installed windows 10 OS, mouse, and keyboard. In addition, they are designed with a system, including the right GPU and CPU combination, to give you an incredible gaming performance.



1. More Expensive:

Prebuilt computers come with premium components. The manufacture does all the dirty work of the assembly. However, they ultimately increase the assembly cost and, in turn, purchase price,

2. Less Customization:

There is an array of configurations and models vary in the market to choose from. However, it is barely impossible to tailor the components to match your requirements.

A comparison of Custom Pc vs. Prebuilt Pc

1. Convenience:

Prebuilt gaming machine comes with compatible parts. You only need to set up everything, and you are good to go. On the other hand, putting together a gaming computer requires you to be well versed with the functionality of all components.

For instance, you must use a motherboard that is compatible with the CPU. Similarly, the power supply should deliver the right amount of energy. If you make a small mistake, you risk blowing up your device.

2. Performance:

Prebuild pcs are designed to run demanding games. You only need to be conversant with the ideal specifications of an excellent prebuilt gaming computer.

While custom build PC offers excellent gaming performance, you can easily find a prebuilt gaming computer with top of the class performance.

3. Repairs:

Dealing with prebuilt PC problems is pretty straightforward. You only need to return the unit to the dealer for repairs. Similarly, the dealer can also help with complicated troubleshooting, which can destroy your Pc.

Dealing with a custom build gaming computer is rather complicated. You must be conversant with troubleshooting codes and understand the errors before you start repair.

4. Warranty:

Every part of a prebuilt gaming PC comes with a warranty. While you may also get an individual warranty for a custom PC, there is no guarantee the parts are available and ready for replacement. You might have to wait for days on end to get replacements.


As a PC gamer, you have the option of building a pc or buying a prebuilt one. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Making your home computer is cheaper and allows you to customize it according to your needs. On the other hand, a prebuilt PC comes with a warranty and saves you time.

If you are an adventurous person who has passion and expertise in making a computer making a gaming PC is your best option.

However, if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or desire, the reliability of a prebuilt computer buying a readymade gaming PC suits you best. Ultimately, the choice boils down to your budget and preference.

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