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Disposing a computer and other devices properly

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Old computers that don’t run well anymore can be annoying and take up a lot of space. Knowing how to properly dispose of all parts of your computer is important so your computer can be recycled in the most effective way.

Many parts of a computer can be used again as parts while others can be too outdated to be used again. With technology growing at such a rapid rate it is harder to hold on to older devices. But, throwing them away can be harmful to the environment and older computers can take up a lot of space in landfills.

Recycling can be easy but there are other options such as donating or selling older computers. Computers and monitors contain many toxic chemicals but if they are properly recycled, these chemicals are less of a problem.

If you bring your computer into PC Medic Pro we will recycle it for you for free but if you are planning on getting rid of a computer here are some important steps:

  • You should always clear the computer of all personal data and make sure it cannot be found again. It isn’t always enough just to delete files. You can find utilities online that will overwrite information on your hard drive so that all of your previous data is irrecoverable.
  • You could also physically destroy your hard drive. Wear protective gear and take a hammer or any other tool to the hard drive to destroy the data for good. Only the hard drive needs to be damaged though; the rest of the computer can remain unharmed.
  • There are more complex and secure ways of erasing files such as magnetically erasing information from disks, but these methods can be extremely time consuming and expensive and generally aren’t worth it unless you are a large company with many hard drives to dispose of or a top-secret agency.

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