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Computer Tech Gift Ideas 2020

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Every day we are seeing futuristic innovations in all things tech. Each one designed to be more efficient, faster, and convenient. It does not matter what that special person you want to gift loves or hates; in the world of tech, there’s always something exciting for them.

Even so, it is easy to find yourself wasting too much time trying to figure out the most appropriate gift to buy for someone you care about.

Top 10 Computer Tech gift ideas 2020 for your consideration:

1. Smart garden


If the person you want to gift is one of those people who love nature and gardening but somehow never manages to keep their own plants alive, then they would totally love this gift. The smart garden is a computer-controlled herb garden.

It comes as a beautiful package that features basil starter pods, an in-built water reservoir and an LED lamp that ensure the herbs are receiving enough light. This gift is ideal for people of all ages because it is easy to use and generally appealing.

2. Roku Ultra


If your loved one loves watching movies and would appreciate a better movie experience, then this piece of hardware fits the bill. Roku Ultra makes it easy to stream your favorite entertainment to your television in the best quality from channels like Netflix.

The box comes with a pair of headphones, a simple-to-use remote, and an Ethernet cable for streaming 4K content. This simple device is worth every dollar especially if it is going to someone who appreciates the value of an incredible streaming experience.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


You do not have to be a bookworm to love Amazon’s most recent Kindle Paperwhite. We are talking about a Kindle hardware model that is not only waterproof but one that features multiple storage options and colors.

It also has the ability to hold endless copies of novels, poems, short stories, comics, and so forth, and its long-lasting battery makes it even better. If your friend loves to read, even for a couple of minutes each day, the Paperwhite would be a great Christmas gift.

4. Apple AirPods Pro


Although the AirPods have been around for a while, they are still a top gift for music lovers. These wireless earbuds are not only visually appealing but comfortable and pocketable.

They also come with a noise cancellation feature that involves two well-integrated microphones and advanced software meant to adapt both ears for a matchless noise-canceling experience.

If your friends love listening to music while relaxing in a tub, the Apple Airpods Pro would be an ideal gift because they can hold up well to splashing water. They should avoid submerging them though.

5. Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

Smart-Home-Fragrance-Diffuser-tech-gift-ideas-2020                                                 Smart-Home-Fragrance-Diffuser-tech-gift-ideas-2020

This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who would love enjoying magnificent scents in their home without moving a muscle. This device is essentially an app-controlled diffuser that creates desired home fragrances by mixing up scents.

All you need to do is select one pre-set mixture or get the app to create your desired fragrance by mixing different scents. What is even better is the fact that these devices are usually compatible with smart home technologies, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

6. CoPilot Driving Monitoring System


If you prefer having a computer gift that improves the safety of someone you love when they are driving, then this device is worth considering. The CoPilot Driving Monitoring System is essentially a camera that monitors drivers as they drive.

More precisely, it monitors their eyes, eyelids, and the position of their head, alerting them when they start showing signs of dozing off. As you can imagine, this would be a great computer gift for someone who drives for long durations or someone who is more prone to falling asleep while driving.

7. Apple watch series 6


We all have those friends who are crazy about watches, and such friends deserve to be gifted with the latest apple watch. This watch not only looks amazing but has remarkable health and fitness features. For instance, this watch allows you to monitor your blood oxygen levels and have the readings sent to the Apple Health software.

This is important because it keeps you updated on any health issues that may be present, such as heart disease, asthma, and sleep apnea. Other features that make this watch a perfect gift include an altimeter that helps you keep tabs of your altitude (for instance, when walking or running), incredible design, heart rate sensor, GPS, and an always-on screen.

8. Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker


If you have a music lover who is also a Google Assistant user, you should honor them with this smart speaker. Although its hardware looks very stylish, it’s the sound it produces that makes it remarkable. This 10-watt speaker delivers a smooth sound that is highlighted by a clean, deep bass.

It also comes with a wireless charging dock. With this elite sound system, you can easily transform someone’s perception of music and entertainment.

9. Brilliant pad

BrilliantPad-2.0-Self-Cleaning-Dog-Pad-tech-gift-ideas-2020                                                 BrilliantPad-2.0-Self-Cleaning-Dog-Pad-tech-gift-ideas-2020-1

That dog lover in your life could really use this gadget that replaces dirty pads automatically. When their dog relieves itself, the pad immediately turns the liquids into the gel as it wraps and seals the solids.

This process keeps the home fresh and clean, and most importantly, takes away the stress associated with dog poop in the house. Any tech enthusiast would also love how this device flags frequency changes to the dog owner’s phone so that they remain updated on their dog’s bowel movement and overall health.

10. Air selfie flying camera


One of the best gifts you can get someone who loves taking pictures is the tiny air selfie flying camera. We both know how difficult it can be to ask strangers to take pictures of you in public. It is worse when you’re a perfectionist. With this gadget, you can take pictures anywhere as many times as you want hands-free.

The Air selfie flying camera uses Artificial Intelligence to lock in your face and take a couple of shots; when you have had enough, it flies back to you and waits for the next assignment. The best part about this device is that it is smaller than the average smartphone, exceptionally light, and fully autonomous.

When you are ready to surprise your loved one with a top gadget and make their day, be sure to pick one or two from this list.

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