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What kind of turnaround time can I expect on my computer?
PC Medic Pro will come to your home or business and in most instances have the problem repaired before leaving.

If I want to start a home-based business, what type of technology will I need to begin?
We can come on site and analyze your needs based on your type of business; based on available space and budget. Then, we will make recommendations for technological components that fit your individual needs (i.e. computers, printers, fax machines, software, etc.).

I need a new computer. Can you help me?
Yes. Although we are in the business to service computers, we also offer custom and high performance computer sales at reasonable prices. If your current computer is non-repairable, or you are looking for a high performance desktop, we offer an assembly service for custom high performance computers built to your budget and specifications. We also provide advice and consulting for those looking to purchase a new computer and are at a loss for what to buy.

I just bought a new computer but need help getting it up-and-running. Can you help me set it up?
Yes. When you buy a new computer, we can come to your home or office, set it up, and provide hands-on instruction.

I think my computer has a virus - what should I do?
To avoid further infection, stop what you're doing and call PC Medic Pro. We can scan your PC for the latest viruses and remove them completely.

Can you install telephone or network cabling?
Yes. We can install additional phone lines and CAT5 network cabling for home or business networking purposes.

Do you provide networking?
Yes. We provide simple peer-to-peer local area network (LAN) configuration as well as more complex file server–client Windows NT networks.

Are you an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
No. We work with a local ISP to provide you with this service.

I would like to have a web page for my business, can you help me?
Yes. We can provide web page design, web hosting services and registration of your domain name (

Do you do system backups?
Yes. We provide complete system data backups on to the latest removable media.