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How to take care of your computer

Many people don't know that one of the biggest reasons why a computer tends to slow down is because of all the dust and dirt that builds up inside over the years - not because of viruses! 

You should definitely consider getting your computer cleaned out every year because the dust that builds up in your computer will damage your components and reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

It is easy and cheap to clean your own computer, you just need:

  • Compressed air which you can get from almost any store that has an electronics section,
  • Some Q Tips for the hard to reach areas, 
  • A microfiber cloth for the general dusting
  • A large space with good ventilation (outdoors is usually best )

Make sure you use the compressed air on all your components, especially the fans and dust filters in your computer - use the Q tips if you don't think the air is doing the trick.

Also for the future - try and keep your computer on an elevated surface such as your desk or table because the floor will collect the most dust and therefore should be avoided if you want to increase the lifespan of your computer. 

If you have a laptop, it is much more difficult to clean and I would recommend you to let us help you take care of cleaning your computer using one of our great system tune up packages.